Table tennis series for individual players

Postet av Stavanger Bordtennisklubb den 23. Sep 2015

Would you like to play individual table tennis series?

It is free, and best of all, everybody who wants can join.

The plan is to start the series in October and finish in November. After it is finished, we will start again and some players have moved up or down in the divisions.

Each division will be of approx 8 players.

This offer is for players who play or train in Stavanger Btk, Randaberg Btk or Egersund Btk.

If you want to join, add your name on the Stavanger BTK Facebook page or send an e-mail to

The following players have registered this far (as of 23. September):

Christian I, Roy, Henning, Trond, Michael, Andrej, Erland, Tove, Roald, Gosia, Ragnar, Sissel, Anastasia, Håvard, Alexandru, Maren, Mari, Benjamin, Scott, Aymeric,

There is space for many more!

Best regards
Jørn Martinsen
Region Vest

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